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Exclusive interview with UFC star Gilbert Burns: Canadian UFC legend Georges St-Pierre ‘is going to compete again’ – it would be an ‘honour’ to face him, I would never stop my career for Conor McGregor, I will train ‘wild’ Ryan Garcia to face Sean O’Malley.

Speaking to CasinoOnlineIN, UFC welterweight contender Gilbert Burns says he’d like to test his skills against Canadian UFC legend Georges St-Pierrre, reveals teammate Michael Chandler should move on from the Conor McGregor saga, and offers to train boxer Ryan Garcia to face current UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley in an exhibition fight.

Canadian UFC legend GSP has teased a comeback, should he make a return?

I think GSP is going to come back to compete in grappling. I think he still grapples a lot, he goes to Austin a lot to train. I don’t think he’s going to do MMA anymore, he achieved everything he could in MMA; he became a two division world champion, he was the reigning welterweight champion, but if he really wants to come back it should be grappling and he’ll really enjoy it.

Would you like to test your skills against GSP if he enters a grappling tournament?

I would 100 percent like to grapple with him, the guy is a legend, it would be a pleasure to grapple GSP. For sure, I’d love to, it would be an honour to share the mat with him.

How would grappling between you and GSP play out?

GSP is always in good shape, he looks amazing; he has got good jiu jitsu, good IQ, he loves to compete. It would be a hard task for both of us, but it would be a nice match-up.

GSP says Islam Makhachev is pound for pound number one right now, do you agree?

Yes, I agree with GSP, Islam is the best active fighter in the world right now. Jon Jones is hurt right now, so I agree, Islam is pound for pound number one.

Should Michael Chandler continue to wait for Conor McGregor?

“He decided to wait, it’s a big money fight. He deserves a big fight, he’s a showman, he’s entertaining,[it’s] always good to see this guy perform in the UFC [but] I’m happy that it’s not me, I can’t wait that much.”

“If I’m healthy I don’t want to take more time [outside the cage]. Time is more valuable than money. Time is the most expensive thing. I don’t want to lose all that time waiting for Conor McGregor, who knows when he’s going to show up, if he’s going to show up. He’s been patient and training and he looks good at 170, he’s healthy, so now he’s going to wait. I hope this fight happens because I like Michael, but who knows if it’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen.”

“100 percent I’d have moved on already, I would’ve moved on a long time ago already because that fight is always going to be there.”

“I don’t think you stop your career waiting for Conor, I would never do that.”

Does Conor ever fight again?

“I think he will fight again. I don’t know how many times, but I think he will. It depends, if he loses the next one then I think he’s done. If he wins, a couple more. If he loses when he comes back, I think he’s done.”

Does Chandler win?

“I think Chandler beats him. I think Chandler is super athletic [and] emotional – all that drive, all that waiting – I’m sure it will become a fuel for this guy and he will maul him. He’s going to take him down, beat him up and eventually get a finish.”

What do you think of your countryman Neymar in a crossover fight?

“Neymar is more of a technical guy. Within the fight community we have those guys who are savages, who can really get down and fight and get hit. And then there are guys who use strategy, they get by on points to win. I think Neymar can fight, I just don’t know how deep he would dig in a fight. I don’t think he’s a savage. Anyone can fight but when things get dirty and things get real then we see who is a real fighter and I don’t think he’s that.”

Are you fighting Sean Brady next?

“I think Sean Brady would be a great fight, but it’s not official. He’s said yes and I’ve said yes, but the UFC are waiting so much because they need more details – it may be on a bigger event or in a different city, so that’s why they fight isn’t official yet. I think I’m going to fight Sean Brady. I respect the guy for sure, especially when a guy gets a ranking. He’s a very tough opponent
He’s a strong dude. I want the biggest fights; Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington, they’re on my radar right now. But if it’s Sean Brady it’s Sean Brady. I don’t think MVP is up there, but his name is so big, it’s for sure another fight to be super excited for.”

Ian Garry of MVP?

“I’m a big fan of Ian Garry, we have sparred many times. He brings good energy, he’s a good trainer and sparring partner. I respect his family and his kids, my kids used to play with his kids. I have a very healthy relationship with Ian and I think he’s very tough. It’s a very intriguing fight, two stand up guys, both have great speed. Ian has the advantage with the speed, cardio and volume. MVP is very tough and he has the power, the flying knee, the strength is with MVP. I’m 49-51 to Ian Garry. I think Ian Garry will be a future world champion. He was in Ireland then Florida and then he wanted to work on his grappling so he moved to Brazil to train with Oliveira and Demian Maia. He’s paying the price to do everything he can for his career. He’s only 26 so he has the potential to become a world champion.”

What about you and Charles Oliveira at 170?

“It would be a great fight, but I like the guy so much. It would be a little bit weird, but if the UFC wants to make it I would do it. But I don’t think they’ll make it. I think he’ll fight at 155 again. He’s a big star in Brazil, I respect the guy so much. If you asked me I’d do it for sure. But I don’t think it would add to his legacy or my legacy. It would hurt each other’s legacy just to make something big for Brazil. I love the fight, but we’ve had a lot of great moments hanging out. I don’t think it’s going to happen but if it’s on the table I’d take it.”

Thoughts on Conor x Bare Knuckle?

“It’s savage, they brawl, they go crazy, I kind of like it, it’s very raw. I like that Conor McGregor is behind it, pushing the sport. I like everything about Bareknuckle and I like that McGregor is behind it pushing, I hear he’s one of the CEO’s and he’s a part of the ownership of Bare Knuckle and I think they’re on the right direction. Next I think they’re going to have big TV deal and fighters going there, I heard today on the news they are Yoel Romero, big thing are going.

Would you fight BKFC?

“If the money is right, I’d do it, yes, because mentally I think I can go through that, physically – i’d just need to get [financially] compensated – because for sure I’m going to get cut, for sure I might break hand hitting these guys, so if I’m being well compensated, I’ll do it.

Mike Perry or Jake Paul?

“It’s a tough fight. Jake’s way bigger. We’ve seen guys hit and move against Mike. Mike is the king of Bare knuckle but now this boxing. Jake Paul looks big. He’s put on a crazy amount of weight, Mike isn’t that big. I hope Mike knocks him out, but it’s a very tough fight. But Mike is a savage, he’s so hard and he can take a punch, he’ll keep walking forward. He’s a beast and he’s wild and the fight community loves the guy and he’s fought a who’s who in the UFC.”

Would you train Ryan Garcia to face Sean O’Malley?

“If he behaves like a professional – he’s a little wild sometimes – but I’d train him, everyone can change and get better. If the opportunity is there and he will put in the work, for sure, why not? It’s a lot to learn, he’s a high level boxer, but he’d have to learn basics, how to land and how to get up and defend. It’s a lot of work to start learning BJJ if these guys want to come to the UFC. But if he wants to take it seriously, 100 percent there’s an open invitation. Any high level fighter or upcomer, you’re more than welcome if you’re willing to put in the work.

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