Best Online Casino Games 2024

Last Updated: May 21, 2024

Written by Erik Jensen

The question of what the best casino games are is very hard to answer, because this is basically up to the casino players’ likes and interests. We at Casino Online In can tell you that the most popular casino games are online slots and the live casino games, Roulette and Blackjack. On this page we will break it all down for you by giving you an introduction to the different casino games and how you play them.

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Online Slots

Online slots have been around for over a decade already, and is based on the old slot games that you had in the first casinos. Once they started to be available online more and more releases are coming-out with different themes like Book of Dead. This online slot has an Egyptian theme as they are called which is centered around faros and pyramids. To win on the game you need to aligned specific symbols in lines to either win or get a chance to get to the bonus round, where you can win big or even hit the jackpot.Your winnings on an online slot depends on your wagering, so how much you could get each time you spin is related to your stake.

Here is also where the know challenge comes in, if you bet more than your casino account get depleted quicker if you don’t win but if you do the winnings will be higher. Some of the most reputable slot games developers online is Yggdrasil Gaming, Play’n GO and Netent, so when you see a online slot developed by one of them you know you’re in for a treat. If you are playing online slots to win a big jackpot we here at Casino Online In recommend our users to play a progressive jackpot slot game. The reasons for that is they have the biggest jackpots on the market.

To mention a few progressive jackpot slots you can check out, we recommend Netent’s Hall of Gods which paid out a jaw dropping jackpot of CA$21.1 million at the end of 2017. The biggest online slot jackpot paid out this far in Canada was in 2019 from Zodiac Casino 30th of January 2019 on the staggering amount of CA$ 20,059,287 on the casino slot game Mega Moolah from Microgaming.

Online Casino Slots


Online Blackjack in Canada has become more and more popular as the Online Casino industry keeps on growing.

Good to know about blackjack:
– A standard blackjack table allows max 5 or 9 persons to play at the same time.
– Before the dealer start handing out the playing cards you need to place a bet inside the bet box on the blackjack table.
– The goal of any player is to get 21 (also known as blackjack) which can be achieved by for instance getting a face card which is valued at 10, and an ace which is valued at one or eleven.
– The value of the cards are 10 for the face cards and the rest of the cards follows the card number, except the ace which can be counted as one or eleven.

The dealer will first deal one card to all the players seated on the table before dealing a card to himself. The dealer will stop after dealing out two cards to each player and himself. Then ask the first player to either stand with the cards given or ask if the player wants another card. If the player choose to get handed a third card if is always good to keep in mind if you have a hand of bigger than 21 then your bust and loose. So the more cards you receive the more chance of losing you have.

All the cards the dealer receive have to be face up and all the players can then see what the dealer has in value at any given time. There is also rules in place for the dealer to be aware of.

The dealer needs to draw another card if he has 16 or less but needs to stand on 17 (That means he will not draw another card). So the chances of a player winning is big if you have the cards in your favor. The winnings in Blackjack is simple, every time you win a hand you double your money. If you get blackjack you get 1.5 x you’re bet in winnings. If you win with a regular hand you win 1 x you’re bet. If the dealer has a better hand then you or the same then you will lose your bet.

Online Blackjack


Online Roulette is another popular casino game in Canada. The rules are simple and you can potentially win big! Even if it’s your first time placing a bet, you will get the hang of it pretty quickly. If you want to play roulette like a professional, here’s what you need to know. The roulette wheel has 37 numbers on it from zero to 36.

The number zero is green on the roulette table and the odd numbers are red and all the even numbers is black. Each number you can place a bet on, this is known as an inside bet. There is multiple ways to place an inside bet like just placing it on the number or on the line between two numbers. This bet is called a split bet and that increases your chances of winning but the winnings is less then placing a bet on a single number which is called a straight. The third bet option you have is called street. This is where you place a bet on three numbers across the roulette table.

The forth bet type is called a corner and that gives you the chance to include 4 numbers you can bet on at the same time. Another one is called double street that is basically when you place a bet that covers two vertical lines of numbers on the roulette table. The sixth betting option you have is called a trio, this is a three-number bet that includes the number zero and two other adjacent numbers. For this bet just place your chips in the centre where the three numbers meet.

The other live casino roulette bets are knows as outside bets. Low and high bet is the outside bet that allows you to cover 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. If the roulette ball lands on any of the numbers you have covered you win.

The most famous bet type you have on roulette is a bet on red or black, which means you will win if the roulette ball lands on the color you have bet on. Simple right? The third outside bet you can do is odds and even numbers. This bet does not include the number zero but if you place a bet on even and the roulette ball lands on any even number you will win.

The forth outside bet you can do is called Dozens. That means you can place a bet on the three dozen numbers sequences on the table. The last outside bet you can make on the roulette table is called a columns bet. This bet allows you to place a bet that covers one of the three columns of numbers on the roulette table. Now that we have explained what different bets a roulette player can make let’s look at what winnings that can be achieved. Betting on a single number from 0-36 and the roulette ball ends on the single number you have chosen it will bring you a winning of 35 x you’re bet. If you decide to make a bet of CA$100 and roulette ball lands on this number, you will win CA$3500. On row and split bet you’ll win 17 x your bet, Street bet will give you 11 x your bet, corner bet will get you a winning of 8 x your bet. Top line bet will give you 6 x your bet, six line bet will give you a winning 5 x your bet. Column and dozen bets will get you 2 x your bet in winnings and the rest will double your money.

So when you have decided which bet you will go for and how much you will need to pay attention to the dealer that will inform the players on when to place your bet and when the bets are closed.

Live Roulette


When it comes to online gambling, craps may not be one of the most popular games but that doesn’t mean players enjoy playing this table game. Some find themselves lost in all its complicated rules and bets which make them feel too slow for an electronic format where speed really matters! The game of craps is played as follows: you take two dice and throw them on the table or press “roll” if you’re playing online casino carps.

If you roll a “Natural” which means rolling a 7 or 11 and it will make you win the bet, but not only that it also means you roll the dice again. If you roll a 2 also knowns as snake eyes, or the numbers 3 and 12 here is when you lose your bet but get to roll the dice again this is called “Craps”.

The last thing you should know about online craps is when you roll 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 this will give you “points”. In a live casino, the dealer would mark your Point (the rolled number) on their table. What you need to do now is roll the dice one last time and hope for a number that will be alike than what was before. You don’t have make your luck run out, as long as its same sum-you win!

You can make a variety of different bets at the craps table. From simple pass line wagers to even betting on any number from 4 through 10, there is something for everyone! Here’s an explanation and list below:

The Pass Line Bet – This bet requires you put money down if your result (4, 5 or 6) hits before another player does so this will give odds in their favor when they win big because not many people take these types risks with others winning all around The Come-out Square deal enables players who don’t want to lose much during play but still have some chance of coming out ahead by making successful rolls after several rounds have passed without anyone landing correctly.

Come Bets – If you’re looking for an exciting way to spice up your betting experience, then try out come bets. You can place this wager on whether any of the point numbers will be rolled and if they are sevens when introduced into play; then it’s off with their heads!

Place Bet is a fun way to gamble without having any money. All you have do it place bets on numbers 4, 5, 6 8 or 9 and 10 before seeing 7 rolled again – whoever gets this number wins! There isn’t even an option for pass line betting so these cannot get more exciting than they already are…but I’m sure somebody will find something else interesting enough in which case we’ll let them know about our service too 🙂

A Don’t Bet is the opposite of a bet on pass line bet and come bets This means that you are betting against your own shooter, but it doesn’t have to be taken back if they don’t win!

Proposition Bets can be made between the stickman and boxman. These bets are on a specific roll of dice, which means you have to guess what number will come up with doubles: 4 (two), 6(three) 8 or 10 . There’s even “hard ways” for those who want their chances at winning big!

A Field bet is you bet on the field and the numbers between 2 and 12. Statistically you have a good chance of winning on the numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 compare to 2 and 12 that has less dice combinations to hit the number.
This is a bet on the 6 or 8 coming before another 7 is rolled. The number has better odds than any other place in Wheel of Fortune, so it’s worth considering for your bets!

Big Six and Big Eight Bets – this is a bet on the 6 or 8 coming before another 7 is rolled. The number has better odds than any other live casino game, so it’s worth considering for your bets!

We at Casino Online in Canada recommend you to find an online casino with a Craps bonus if you haven’t tried playing this live casino game before. This might give you a free bet or some added value to your first casino deposit.

live dealer craps game


Baccarat is an old card game which probably originated in Italy over 1400 years ago. The name of this popular betting and gambling table strategy comes from the Italian word “zero” meaning that each deck has only zero cards – tens, Jacks Queens and Kings! It’s also known as Punto Banco (player-bank) because you can bet on either your own performance, the dealer (bank) or someone else who might be playing. So in online baccarat you can only place three types of bets, Banker bet, Player bet or a Tie bet which will give you the highest winnings.

The rules are simple to understand and the goal is to reach 9 in card value or get as close as possible. So the banker start off the online baccarat game with dealing two cards to the player and two to the bank. With face cards and tens have the value of ten or zero the other cards has face value. If after the first two cards the value is less than 6 the player gets a new card. If the player gets 6 or 7, they will stand and if anyone gets 8 or 9 they will win. And if you have bet on the correct outcome you will win!



Poker is a game that requires skill, patience and intuition. To get the best of it you should learn how to play poker online with different variant games like Texas Hold’em or Omaha hi-lo which are popular in real life settings too!
The simplest way for beginners would be signing up at PokerStars casino where they offer free tutorials on all types under various categories including strategy tips from professional players who have been there done that so you won’t make any mistakes when your time comes around.

Poker is a card game where players gamble on the strength and value of their hands against an established hierarchy. The winner either produces highest hand combination, or becomes sole remaining player in pot after all others have folded up cards (laid them down). There are many variants but they commonly involve several rounds betting with the player as well a showdown at end which involves comparing your cards versus the other players participating.

The player with the strongest hand wins the poker pot. So how is online poker played, you have a dealer that is not participating in the game like Blackjack or Baccarat that deals the players card to all participants. A game of online poker always starts with the players seated after their dealer button.

The two left-hands must post a big blind and small bet respectively, which are bets made without having seen one’s cards dealt face down by this person in order to commence gambling for money raised from all participants at hand who then have an opportunity profit off its pot value increases over time while still playing against each other one by one—until someone has won enough battles before them so as long they’re winning more often than losing there’ll be no stopping what could happen next! When it’s your turn to bet, place a certain number of coins in the pot.

You can either call or raise; if you raise there is no limit on how much more than what was already placed into play-but eventually everyone will have matches so better not wait too long! Play moves clockwise around all players until every member has put an equal amount into poker round pot. If someone raises the poker bet and you do not have a strong poker hand you also have the option to fold. If you do this you are out of the poker round and have no chance of winning that existing poker round.



Bingo has been around for decades and is still going strong. Players in Canada can enjoy playing online bingo games from the comfort of their own homes at different Canadian bingo sites. If you’re looking to play Bingo online, then there are plenty of options available. Some sites provide chat rooms and increased community feel in order for players to discuss strategy while they are playing the game; it’s not just about winning money but also socializing!

The best way to increase your chances of winning Bingo online is by purchasing more tickets or as many bingo cards you can afford. It’s important not overdo it with how much money spent on the game, but if there are other players who also purchase large amounts then naturally their odds will go up too! The beauty about playing online bingo is that there’s no need to get up and go find a ball. You can simply watch as numbers cross off from your ticket when they are called by the computer operator or caller, so all you have do in order win at this game (besides knowing how)is make sure every number on YOUR side gets covered before anyone else does!



Lotto is a game of chance using numbers from 1 to 90. You can win up to 5 different prizes with your six draw rolls, if you are lucky enough! In the later years playing lottery online has increased at lot in popularity due to the possibilities of winning life changing jackpots. The biggest Jackpot pay-out recorded in Canada was CA$ 60,000,020 on 22nd of January 2021 and bought on

After lottery became available online you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to try your luck. Simply pick the lottery you want to buy tickets to online by choosing your own numbers or have them generated for you. Lottery are known for paying out huge jackpots for frequent then online slots.


Online Lottery

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards have been around for ages and is probably one of the simplest game of chance games you can play. Back in the days scratch tickets were also given to friends and family as gifts. Nowadays this game is now also available to play on an online casino. Scratch cards often come up quickly and impulsively, so if that sounds like something for which you have no plan then don’t buy one yet because there’s more than just fun involved here.

The best thing about scratch cards is that they’re completely random. You might get a prize for matching certain symbols, but you could also end up empty-handed if your luck runs out! Scratch three of those same icons or numbers and it’s game over – no second chances here; just pure chance will decide who walks away with all the money.
A great way to play these types on online casinos? Make sure there are different level bets available depending upon how much cash one want to wager and potentially win.


What is the most popular casino game in Canada?


We at Casino Online In can tell you that the most popular casino games in Canada are online slots and the table games, Roulette and Blackjack

What are the best online casino games to play?


The best and most popular online casino games are slots, Roulette and Blackjack.

What happens if I get disconnected from my internet connection while playing casino games?


Should your device loose internet connection while playing casino games, the game round will continue and settled accordingly. Any winnings will be paid to your account. To check the outcome of the game round you can look into the game history on your account.

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