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Last Updated: July 1, 2024

Written by Erik Jensen

Ready to win big? Get the best chance of striking it lucky by playing online lotteries. We’ll help you find the top lotto games with the biggest bonuses and available in 2024.

We’ve put together all of the information you need to know to get going with lottery games online in Canada. Firstly, we take a look at how the Lottery games actually work and the different organizations available. Then we delve into all of the pros and cons of playing the lottery online. Then you’ll discover the different draws, Lotto bonuses, what payment methods you can use and more – We even have a helpful list of all of the best sites to play the lottery online to save you the time of looking!

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Look for Variety and Number of Games Offered

When hunting for the best online lotteries look for ones that offer variety in terms of the number and type of games they offer. The more options you have, the better your chances of picking out a winning lottery ticket! Make sure to check out our Lottoland review and other reviews with ratings before making a final decision on which lotto site you’ll use.

How the Online Lottery in Canada Works

Altogether, Canadians can enjoy 5 different lotteries being run by their respective province. and 3 national draws. The national draws come in the form of the Daily Grand, Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max.

Each of the different draws has different prizes and rules, which we’ll cover in depth later on, but the main process for winning these draws is simply picking a set of numbers and matching them up to numbers that are drawn. The cost of tickets varies – some cost C$1 whilst others cost up to C$5.

The simplicity of the rules and games is one of the things that makes playing lotteries so popular – you don’t have to learn any complicated rules like you would find in casino games or learn any strategies like you would when you play Baccarat online.

Lottery Syndicates

One form of taking part in the lottery that is very popular is a syndicate. This is simply gathering a pool of people to play together – a group of friends or workmates. You can find workplaces that have an official lottery syndicate already in place.

The benefit of this is the fact that quite a few people are taking part, meaning you can buy more lottery tickets between yourselves. This group will have higher chances of owning a winning lottery ticket than a single person, which is why they are very popular. The only downside is you have to split any winning evenly between each other, which can mean fewer winnings.

Different Canadian Lottery Organizations

When it comes down to the provincial lotteries, each province manages ticket sales individually. This makes them responsible for both online lottery ticket sales and retail sales. As well as governing lottery ticket sales, they also manage things like scratch cards, second chance draws on any losing tickets and online games. The main governing Canadian organizations for managing lotteries are:

Atlantic Lottery or ALC: The ALC regulates the lotteries that are run in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Labrador and Newfoundland. On top of the 3 national draws, you can also play the Atlantic 49.

British Columbia Lottery Corp or BCLC: The BCLC regulates any lottery draw in British Columbia and is linked to another Canadian gambling organization – Western Canada Lottery Corp. As well as partaking in the national draws, BCLC Playnow also offers the BC/49 which has a top prize of $2 million.

Loto-Quebec: The Loto-Quebec as the name would suggest, manages all lottery draws in Quebec, offering the Quebec 49 with the national draws. If you play both the Quebec 49 and Lotto 6/48 on the same ticket, you’ll be entered into a special draw for a C$50,000 prize.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming or the OLG: Offering up one of the biggest regional draws, the Ontario49, players can be in with the chance of snagging the C$2 million prize as well as getting entry to the nationwide draws.

Western Canada Lottery Corp or WCLC: Finally, we have the WCLC which also covers BC as well as gambling in Yukon, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Nunavut. You can play the national draws as well as Western 6/49 and Western Max lotteries.

Advantages of Playing The Online Lottery

Now you are clued up as to all of the different organizations and draws you can buy tickets for, let’s take a look at the advantages of buying tickets for your local or the national lottery game.

  • Potential to win huge prizes

    The main reason Canadians enter lottery draws is simple: Many of them have a top prize of millions. This is life-changing money and can be purchased for a small price of a few dollars. Not much considering what the biggest prizes are.

  • Multiple winners in every draw

    Even if you don’t manage to grab the jackpot amount that’s up for grabs, you can still be in with a chance to win smaller amounts. Depending on how many numbers you matched, you could take home a nice sum of money to treat yourself and your loved ones to a holiday or a night out. Some draws also have second-chance winners and additional draws that take place every week.

  • Easy to play

    Many of the lotto games are incredibly easy to play – just pick your six numbers and any extra numbers and keep your fingers crossed you win the jackpot. This ease of play makes it accessible to anyone!

  • Quick and easy access to lottery tickets

    One of the biggest features of online lottery games is the fact you can play them online, saving you from having to queue. All you have to do is purchase your ticket, which is super easy. It wasn’t long ago that players had to go out to their local convenience store and wait in a queue to purchase their tickets!

    Many of the organizations we listed before have handy lottery apps that you can use to buy tickets and check results which are incredibly handy when it comes to keeping things convenient. or you can access the website on your computer or mobile, log in and pick your numbers!

  • You can get up-to-the-minute information about draws

    You can easily locate information about all of the rules, chances of you winning a prize and times for the next draw online. Almost all of the official lotto website portals that sell the tickets will have up-to-date information about the last draw and the ones before it – including whether you’ve managed to snag the top prize!

    if you prefer to play scratchcards, you can get important information about how many of each prize is left and whether the top prize has been snagged by someone. This is all great information to know if you’re looking to enter a draw.

Disadvantages of Playing The Lottery Online

Of course, there are lots of different advantages to taking part in one of the many Canadian lotto draws, but there are also some downsides:

  • Small chances of winning

    Chances of matching six numbers are incredibly slim, and with seven numbers it’s even slimmer (one of the only games where you have to match seven numbers is the Western Max lotto). Your odds of matching fewer numbers and claiming one of the smaller prizes are significantly high – but when you buy tickets, you want to win the big bucks!

  • Not that many draws

    When you play online Keno or casino games, you can play when you want, with games starting almost instantly. Lottery draws take place on a certain day, so you can be waiting for the next draw. This is not good if you’re impatient and want to know if you’ve won ASAP.

National Canadian Lottery Draws

Aside from the regional draws, the main lottery Canadians can take part in is the national draws. Everyone in Canada can play these and there’s a variety of games to take part in, including:

Lotto 6/49

Arguably the most famous lottery online for Canadians, the Lotto 6/49 has paid out the biggest jackpot in Canadian history – over C$63 million to one lucky winner. Lottery ticket prices start at C$3. To play, you choose two groups of numbers ranging from 1 to 49. The first set is for the main draw and you pick six numbers. The second set again your own numbers from 1-49, except 10 of them, which is entered into a separate guaranteed jackpot draw for C$1 million.

The jackpot for the main draw rolls over if no one wins, so you can see huge jackpot amounts up for the taking if it remains not won for a few weeks. The draws are every Wednesday and Saturday, meaning you get two chances to win this huge amount every single 7 days, with an extra game that takes place every Saturday that can net you a quarter of a million dollars. Winning that would be a Saturday to remember, that’s for sure.

Lotto Daily Grand

A rather spectacular draw and one of the best jackpots in the world, if you manage to win the Lotto daily grand, you win C$1,000 daily for the rest of your life! This is a huge prize considering everything- you’re practically set for life if you manage to win the draw.

The winning draws are announced every Monday and Thursday, with ticket prices again at $3 and again you pick two separate sets of numbers to play with. One of these sets is 5 numbers from 1 to 49. With the other set, you pick a grand number from 1 to 5. To win the top prize of the Lotto Daily Grand, you have to match the 5 numbers and the grand number.

Lotto Max

lotto Max is the evolution of the popular Lotto Super 7, taking over in 2009. With this draw, you pick 3 sets of seven numbers, with pickable numbers being between 1 and 50. The winnable jackpot is between C$10 million and C$50 million. Draws are every Tuesday and Friday.

There’s also a special draw called the MaxMillions, although this only ever happens when the main jackpot gets to $50 million. These jackpots are the second biggest jackpots in Canadian lotto, with only the main lotto 6/49 being higher.

Regional Lottery Draws With The Biggest Jackpot

With all the different lottery online games available, there comes different jackpots for each and every one. Some net you a nice lump sum when you win the jackpot, whilst others can bag you a fortune. Here are the biggest regional jackpots around for Canadians:

The Atlantic 49 has a maximum jackpot of C$1 million when you match all 6 numbers.

The BLC49 doubles this amount with its top jackpot prize of C$2 million for matching 6 numbers.

Quebec49 also has a top jackpot of C$2 million for matching the full set of 6 numbers

The Ontario 49, the Western Max and Western 6/49 also come top in regional prizes with the max jackpots all being C$2 million.

Online Lottery Bonuses and Promotions

The online lotteries in Canada do come with some nice bonuses and promotions attached, although these are all different between the provincial lotteries and different times of the year.

An example would be the Atlantic Lottery Corp. When you sign up, you can get an instant boost of bonus money to buy tickets straight into your account. Quebec has an offer where you can actually bag double winnings when you play Fortune Coin Online.

Whilst the bonuses you find with lottery online games might not be as lucrative as Canadian online casino bonuses, you never know – that small bonus amount may turn into a jackpot prize!

Banking Methods For Online Lotteries

Any regulated and legal lottery game will have a number of different payment options for customers to deposit money into their online lottery account and make withdrawals, making purchasing a ticket for the next draw simple. Some of the most common forms of payment you’ll find when you play the lottery online include:

Credit and debit cards: Many of the organisations we’ve listed allow you to pay one-off or create a subscription with Mastercard or Visa.

Interac: A favorite among Canadian players who enjoy Interac casinos, you can buy lottery tickets with funds straight from your Interac wallet.

PayPal: You can easily pay for your tickets with PayPal, one of the biggest e-wallets on the internet.

Online bill payment: You can also set up direct bank transfers to pay for tickets every single week automatically.

Online Lottery in Ontario

Ontario is one of the Canadian provinces that have strict gambling and betting laws. Thankfully, buying lottery tickets and taking part in their provincial lottery is completely legal and managed by the OLG, which offers up a lotto with a huge prize.

Other Types of Lottery and Betting Games in Canada

If you simply can’t wait for the draws or want a better chance of winning a nice jackpot sum, there are plenty of other betting games Canadians can enjoy, many of which can be played with money from the same account as you purchase lotto tickets with such as:

Instant Win Games

These are like lottery games except with an instant prize dished out the moment you win and gameplay. Canadians can enjoy online scratch cards such as the smash hit scratch card triple millions, which is offered by a few different provinces. You can play these games with the same account that you buy lotto tickets with.

You’ve also got the option for game show style instant games, which have the same gameplay as their tv counterpart like Wheel Of Fortune and The Price is Right.

Casino Games

As well as the lottery draws, many provinces offer some form of casino games for Canadians. These offer chances to win huge sums of money and exciting gameplay compared to just a boring old lottery ticket. You can play games such as online slots, and live casino games and again you play with the same account that you buy lotto tickets with.

Video Lottery Terminals

Many land-based casinos in Canada will have these dotted around – there are over 38,000 of them in Canada. These terminals allow players to enjoy many casino-style games such as slots for example and other virtual table games.

Bingo Games

Another widespread form of betting you’ll be able to find in most provinces is bingo. These are fast-paced games, great for quick ‘dip in and out’ style gameplay for when you just want some quick fun. They often have a great prize pool to boot.

Sports Picks

Betting on sports in Canada is legal in most provinces and can be done through the same lotto portals as buying tickets. You have to take part in a parlay bet, which means you have to bet on at least 2 games in any one bet.

Online Lottery FAQS

Are online lotteries legal in Canada?


Online lotteries are available for Canadian customers to enjoy, with a pick of numerous different draws for them to enjoy. These draws include 3 national draws and Canadians have access to different provincial lotteries for example the BC39 or Atlantic 49 – you simply need to register an account with the correct provincial regulator and every ticket you buy will be totally legal.

Can I win big jackpots?


You sure can! Each lottery has a different prize amount for each of the draws, with many of the provincial lotteries having a top prize in the millions. Quite a few of the lotteries available have a separate prize to win aside from the main jackpot if you match a few of the numbers. The Daily Grand Lotto awards jackpot winners with C$1,000 a day for the rest of their life – Not bad for customers paying a few dollars.

The highest jackpot comes from the biggest national draw, Lotto 6/49, with one lucky winner walking away with over C$63 million!

How do I play the online lottery?


You can simply select one of the sites we’ve listed on this page and create an account. These sites have all been hand-checked to make sure they’re fully licensed and safe to play on, so you know you’re in safe hands.

How do I withdraw my lotto winnings?


If you’re a winner, you can claim and withdraw any winnings from your lotto account to your bank through a number of means – each lotto will have different methods of withdrawal. If a person wins a big sum though, they will be contacted by the corporation in charge of that game in regards to how to get their winnings – customers usually have to claim big wins in person.

Which is the best online lottery apps in Canada?


The best apps for playing lottery in Canada are PlayNow BCLC and OLG

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