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Last Updated: January 17, 2024

Written by Tom Martin

This may not be a casino game quite as common or popular as blackjack or roulette, but if you fancy something a bit different, then why not give the Sic Bo game a try? If you like a game of craps, then you’re bound to love it and, more importantly, you’ll find it at some of the best online casinos.

On this page, we’ll look at different Sic Bo strategies for beginners, intermediate and advanced gamers, the game rules and how to have the best chance of winning real money!

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What Is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo, like Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck is an ancient Chinese game that is popular with Asian players – particularly in the areas of Macau, China and the Philippines where it is sometimes called tai sai or dai siu and translates roughly to ‘Precious Dice’ in English.

The game was taken over to the US by Chinese Immigrants in the early 20th century and has now become one of the most popular casino games in online, land-based and live casino sites.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, you need to know the Sic Bo rules.

Ultimately, the Sic Bo game is one of chance that is played with three dice. It’s super fast but also very easy for beginners to learn… So let’s look at how the game works.

A Beginner’s Guide on How To Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is played on a special Sic bo table with specially marked sections. Players then place their bets by putting their chips on the Sic Bo table in the different sections. It is a game of chance played with three dice.

Once all bets are placed, the dealer shakes three dice in a chest (or online the game software will do this) and the outcome of the dice roll will be revealed. If you have bet on the correct outcome of the dice you win. However, if you don’t, then you lose. Then the next game begins…

    How To Place Your Bets In Sic Bo

    The premise of the game is easy enough, but actually placing your bets can get complicated as there are so many different betting options. Here are some of the options, although if you want to get serious, it’s a good idea to study a Sic Bo table.

  • Big Bet: The dice scores between 11 and 17 (not including a triple)
  • Small bets: The dice scores between 4 and 10 (not including a triple)
  • Odd bet: The total score is odd
  • Even bet: The total score is even
  • Triple bets: The three dice all show the same number
  • Specific triple bets: The three dice all show the same specific number
  • Double bets: Two dice show the same number
  • Specific double bet: Two dice show the same specific number
  • Three dice totals: Betting on a specific score or dice total
  • Combination bet: betting on various dice combinations

Understand which has the best odds, the smallest house edge, the best win rate and pick the best strategy for your skill level.

Strategies for Beginners to Advanced

Your strategy should change depending on if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced players…

The Best Sic Bo Strategy For Beginners

This is a game of chance, so beginner players should choose a low risk strategy – which is choosing those with the smallest house edge. These best include big and small bets and odds and evens bets.

You may only win 50% of the time, but when you do, you will double your money. It’s just like betting or reds and blacks or odds and evens in roulette.

This is a great way to enjoy the Sic Bo game without risking too much money.

The Best Sic Bo Strategy For Intermediate Players

Once you have a bit of knowledge, you may want to up the ante a bit. This could mean a single dice bet – for example, betting on one single number. Because there are three dice, there is a reasonable chance the number will come up.

If you want to add more risk, then you should consider combination bets and other more lucrative, profitable and risky bet types.

The Best Sic Bo Strategy For Advanced Players

The highest risk bets can pay out big and be very exciting, but you need to make sure you know the game thoroughly, be prepared to risk your bankroll and are brave enough to do it.

The riskier bets include:

1. Three single number combination bets: You need to predict a specific combination of three different numbers. This bet has odds of 30:1.

2. Specific Doubles and Single Number Combinations: One of the dice needs to show a certain number whilst the other two need to show a pair of a specific number. This has odds of 50:1.

3. Specific Triples: All three dice need to show the same specific triple number – and this is the riskiest of all bets with odds of 180:1.

Playing Sic Bo Online For Real Money

When you are au fait with the different sic bo betting options then you’re set to start playing for real money. However, you need to make sure you only play at a good online casino – which is rule number one!

Here are some factors to look for:


Fully licensed and secure


Generous welcome bonus with fair wagering requirements


Plenty of existing player bonuses


Lots of banking options


Excellent selection of baccarat and other games!

Sic Bo – Our Top Tips To Win

Here are our main tips for being successful…

1. Before you play for real money, practice the game for free. Most casinos will allow you to try out the games and practice first.

2. Bet on 10s or 11s: The most likely result in Sic Bo is 10 or 11. Although this means the payouts are lower, it still pays out better than 1:1 and is a great step to advanced betting options.

3. Keep your bets small at first: If you keep making a small bet, then you will get a longer time playing. This means you can have more time to practice.

4. If you are new, stick to small and big bets: These are lower risk, the smallest edged bets and are great for getting the hang of things

5. Try Combination bets every now and then: These have a pretty low house edge with high winning odds, so offer a good betting opportunity.

6. Avoid making a triple bet: If you are new to playing sic bo especially, these should be avoided. You only have a 0.55% chance of winning.

7. Remember, when you play sic bo and start sic bo betting, there is no strategy that can guarantee a win. The house always has the edge as is the case with all casino games.

8. Bet sensibly: Avoid those bets with high house edges with a low chance of winning.

Our main piece of advice, however, is to remember that Sic Bo is a game of luck. This means that no matter what you wager on and how you strategize your play, there is no way you can guarantee a winning outcome.

That being said, a good sic bo betting system can help you maximize your payout and limit your losses.

Also, remember, never bet more that you can afford to lose and walk away when you reach your limits.

Master Your Sic Bo Strategy

Gambling is always a risk. However, you shouldn’t consider using any strategy until you are entirely familiar with the game’s rules.

When picking your strategy, think about your level of experience – as there are different systems based on whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player.

The good news is that you won’t even need to spend your own money to hone your skills – There are many online casinos in Canada that will offer free games and demo mode Sic Bo games that will allow you to master your strategies.

Ultimately, though, the most important strategy is understanding that gamblers win and lose – and you need to understand money management. Be prepared to lose.

Set your budget and stick to it. If you go through a winning streak, learn when to cut and run and enjoy your winnings. If you lose your budget, then step away and come back another day. Playing Sic bo online should always be fun, so make sure it stays that way!

How to Win on Sic Bo FAQs

Do I Have to Play Sic Bo With a Strategy?


No, you don’t have to use a strategy when you play Sic Bo. However, utilising a good Sic Bo betting system could help you to increase your wins and limit your losses.

The Sic Bo outcome will never be guaranteed though and no system can change that.

Which Is the Best Sic Bo Strategy?


This very much depends on you as a player. Generally you should choose your strategy based on your skills and expertise as a player.

That being said, choosing the lower risk even money systems can be convenient and suitable for players of all levels, especially if they don’t mind building up the wins slowly. Overall, you just need to think about your risk tolerance, your budget and experience and choose the right one for you.

Can a Sic Bo Strategy Overcome the House Edge?


No. Unfortunately no Sic Bo strategy can wipe out the house edge. Ultimately, Sic Bo is a game of chance and employing a system won’t affect the outcomes of any games.

As such, choose your system, practise it, but always remember to play responsibly.

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