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An analysis on the current state and projected growth of the Canadian gambling business in 2023 was released by CasinoCanada, a top website for the country’s online gambling sector. The thorough research focuses on the industry’s history, the regulatory landscape, and the major factors influencing the future of the sector. Over 135,500 people were employed by the Canadian gaming sector, which brought in over $15 billion in revenue last year. The thorough investigation carried out by CasinoCanada’s team of specialists offers insightful information on the market and the variables influencing development and change in the near term.

● The gaming sector in Canada generates close to $9 billion in yearly income, which is used to fund several government and community initiatives and services.

● Lottery revenues were the main source of income for the $12.54 billion Canadian gaming market in 2021.

● In Canada, 18.9 million persons reported gambling in the previous year, with 95% of participants being classified as non-problem gamblers.

● The most widely used forms of electronic gaming in the nation are slots and bingo.

● The expansion of legal gaming choices is responsible for the expansion of the gaming market in Canada.

In Canada, gambling laws are governed by both federal and provincial legislation, with each territory having its set of rules and regulatory agencies.

CasinoCanada’s Head of Content Dmitry Rogalchuk said for industry participants, decision-makers, and consumers alike, their in-depth study on the Gambling Market Overview in Canada for 2023 delivers insightful information. The extensive study of the condition and possibilities of the Canadian gaming sector that the team of specialists has produced will assist industry participants in navigating the shifting terrain.

Men continue to be more likely than women to gamble; 68.8% of men and 60.4% of women appeared doing so in the previous year, according to Statistics Canada. This distinction holds true across:

Age groups (76% men and 68% women make up the largest percentage of those aged 45 to 65), marital status (73% and 61% of those who are married or in law relationships), household income (71% men and 67% women make up the highest 20% of income), as well as sexual orientation, race, indigenous identity, and immigration status.

It’s interesting to note that the percentage of men and women that gambled in the last year is equal in the lowest 20% of income bands.

With billions of dollars in yearly revenue, CasinoCanada thinks that the gambling business in Canada will continue to be a prominent participant in the entertainment sector. Thanks to the increase of sports betting and online gambling, they are now seeing new chances for expansion and innovation. Additionally, the legalization initiatives have been among the key elements boosting the market’s attractiveness.

Concerns regarding player safety and making responsible gaming a rising priority for the business are two important areas that CasinoCanada wishes to draw attention to. Yet another benefit of legalizing is the increased funding for initiatives that attempt to reduce the possible downsides of gaming.

For Canadian casino gamers, CasinoCanada is a premier online site that offers dependable information, news, and reviews on the newest casino games, promotions and bonuses By putting the reader first, CasinoCanada makes sure that all of its information is trustworthy and educational for gamers of all skill levels.

Last Updated: August 17, 2023

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