Interac Casinos in Canada 2022

Nowadays, there are more online casinos in Canada that are starting to accept Interac as a payment method. But what is it and why is it becoming more popular now? Well, firstly, this is a very secure method of banking and it allows you to transfer your money out of your Canadian bank account into your online casino account without the need to part with sensitive financial data.

Most Canadians that have shopped online at some point will already be more than familiar with this banking method – but they may not realize that they can use it to put money into their gaming accounts.

Now, Interac is starting to become ever more popular as a way to deposit into casino accounts – and as such, lots more online casinos have now included it on their list of accepted payment options.

Interac is a payment option that offers all sorts of advantages. So, let’s take a look at the very best Canada Interac casinos and the benefits of using Interac as your trusted payment method.

Best Interac Casinos Online for 2022

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Online Casinos That Accept Interac

The amount of Interac casinos that now operate in Canada keeps growing by the week. The main reason behind this huge growth is that on April 4th, 2022, Ontario officially launched its online gambling market.

This new online gambling market has certainly caught the eye of the most reputable online casino operators that have started to apply for licensed to operate casinos online in Ontario.

However, the only way to attract Canadian players is by ensuring that they are Canadian-friendly in different ways. This includes the payment options on offer on their payment page. For this reason, more and more casinos have started to officially offer Interac as a way of funding your casino account.

Interac casinos are one of the most convenient payment solutions for Canadian casino players to play. Ultimately, this is a Canada-facing payment method that works alongside numerous Canadian financial banking institutions and is one of the most trusted in the country.

So, if you are looking to register a new account with a casino using Interac as your preferred deposit method then we have prepared an in-depth list of the very best Interac-accepting casinos right now.

How We Choose our Best Interac Online Casino Sites

When we choose the best Interac casinos for Canadian gamblers, we look at several issues including:

  • The generosity of bonuses including welcome bonus, free spins and existing player bonuses
  • Safety, security and trustworthiness
  • Customer support and user experience
  • Mobile casino
  • Whether they accept Interac and other online banking payment options

How Does An Interac E-Transfer Casino Work?

The Interac payment option was originally developed and introduced by Interac Corp – and is used more than 16 million times every day as a way to pay out and exchange money.

This is a very simple system that is connected to your Canadian bank account. However, this is much more secure than making a standard debit card payment because it utilizes top-of-the-range encryption technology as well as world-class fraud detection and zero liability standards!

Here are some of the solutions that Interac provides


Interac e-Transfer: A way to transfer money from one account to another and is most popular for online casinos and gambling.


Interac Online: This is another used for online casinos and it allows users to make secure deposits from their bank account.


Interac Flash: This is the equivalent of a contactless debit card.


Interac Cash: Allows users to withdraw money from ABMs.


Interac Debit: This is a debit card service that you can use for various sales and purchases.

Interac is available now at more than 250 different banking and financial institutions such as LeHavre River Credit Union, Royal Bank of Canada, LeRoy Credit Union, TD Canada Trust, First Nations Bank and plenty more!

About Interac

Currently, Interac is becoming one of the most popular payment options at Canadian online casinos. The reason it is popular is that it is made by Canadians, especially for Canadians.

However, this payment method has changed in many ways since its earliest days. At the start, there were two separate organizations – the Acxsys Corporation and Interac Association which both offered Interac, which were created in 1988 and 1996 respectively. However, in 2018 they merged to become Interac Corp.

Benefits of Interac

There are a number of advantages of using Interac as your preferred payment option at your chosen online casino site:

  • Growth in Popularity

    This is already a well-known and highly popular method for buying goods and services online. As such, most Canadians will find it easy to use for online gambling.

  • Easy for Withdrawing Funds

    One of the main reasons Interac Casinos are so popular is because Interac is directly linked to your online banking account which means that withdrawing back into your account with this method is pretty simple. With this, you won’t have to wait for possibly up to seven working days to get your money as it can go straight into your account.

  • Highly Secure

    Because it offers several layers of security, it means that players won’t need to impart their bank cards or bank account numbers to any online casinos. However, you can still send money into and out of your bank account and Interac account as well as transfer from your Interac account and casino account with a whole new level of safety and security.

The Disadvantages of Interac

As great as it is, there are still some disadvantages of using the payment method:

    • Expiry of Funds

The company receiving the funds is required to complete certain actions which will affect all transactions. If the casino doesn’t debit your Interac account for some reason, but still credits your casino account, then the life cycle of the transaction will end in 30 days. If you fail to realize that you have played for free during this time then it can take a lot of time to get it sorted with your merchant.

    • Scams, Phishing and Fraud

With Interac casinos, transaction notices are still given out via your email. As such, any electronic transaction will be vulnerable to phishing scams. If you don’t log into your account directly via the website but instead click on a link within an email which requests information such as passwords etc. you could give someone access to your account.

Other things to be aware of when choosing this form of payment is that it isn’t ideal if you don’t want to use your personal bank details when depositing at your preferred Interac casino. It is also only available for Canadian players in Canada, so you will need to have an account with a bank in Canada or with a credit union in order to use the option. Finally, there may be some fees attached to the payment method.

Interac e-Transfer Casinos v Interac Online Casinos

Some casino sites might ask you to choose between Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online, but what exactly is the difference between them?

Interac e-Transfer

This is most commonly used to transfer money to friends and family. This option allows you to simply deposit money by entering your email address. It is available at most major financial and banking institutions.

When you open an account and play at an online casino site, they will give you a specific email address and security question which you will then need to submit from your banking account.

Take away points:

  • This is often used to send money to people you know
  • The casino will provide you a specified email address in order for you to receive the money.
  • You will also be given a security question which will then authorize the payment from your Canadian bank account.
  • This is the most common Interac option available at online casinos.

Interac Online

This is a much smoother and more seamless option because the online casino will provide a payment method which allows you to transfer money straight from your bank account. This will guide you through logging directly into your bank account. You also don’t even need to enter an email as you would with Interac e-Transfer. Although this is faster than e-Transfer, it isn’t yet as widely accepted.

Take away points:

  • The account receiving the money will provide a payment gateway which will allow you to transfer your money straight from your banking account.
  • You will need to log directly into your account to transfer the money
  • This is a faster way as no email address is required.

Be aware that some casinos will only make Interac Online available to customers of certain banking institutions such as RBC Royal Bank, TD Canada Trust and First Nations Bank of Canada etc. This very much depends on the province you come from.

Making a Deposit Using Interac At A Canadian Online Casino

As we stated above, there are two Interac options – Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online. The main difference being that Interac Online only allows you to transfer money from your bank account directly using their payment gateway.

However, Interac e-Transfer needs you to log into your online banking account separately and then perform your transfer using email.

Making a Deposit with Interac e-Transfer



Open up the cashier section of the casino and choose ‘Interac e-Transfer. Enter how much you want to transfer. You will then confirm your deposit amount on the next screen.



You then choose the corresponding financial or banking institution that you want to deposit your money. For the more well-known banks, there will be shortcuts, but underneath this, there will be a much more comprehensive list of banking institutions.



After you have selected your banking institution, you will be shown an email address and security question. You need to fill out the details in your bank and your casino account will then be funded.

Making a Deposit With Interac Online



head over to the Cashier section and choose ‘Interac Online’. Enter the amount you wish to deposit in your online casino account then follow the steps given by the casino.



You then need to choose the corresponding financial institution that you want to transfer your money from. After you have chosen your bank, the casino will forward you to a payment gateway.
There won’t be as many financial institutions to choose from. If yours isn’t available, you will need to cancel the transaction and deposit via Interac e-Transfer instead.

If your bank is included, you will be transferred to their website in order to process your transaction.



You will then need to confirm how much you wish to deposit.
When this is complete, you will be given a receipt of the deposit.

Once all these steps have been completed, your casino account will be funded instantly. There will be no fees applied and the money will go directly into your account.

Withdrawing Your Funds Via Interac

Withdrawing your money at Interac casinos is a very simple process. All you need to do is head over to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Withdraw Money’.

However, if this is the first time you have made a withdrawal from the Interac casino then they may well ask you to prove your identity before they go ahead and approve the withdrawal. They may ask you for 3 items such as:


A photographic proof of your ID such as a passport or driver’s license.


Proof of address such as a recent utility bill.


Proof of your payment method – such as a picture of your bank card.

Until you have provided the requested documentation, they will put your withdrawal on hold.

As soon as this process has been completed, then all other transactions into or out of the online casino will be pretty much immediate.

Fastest interac withdrawal casino

How Interac Casino Canada Sites Process Your Funds

The merchant will probably have a choice of processors when they are putting through an Interac e-Transfer payment. The most common company that would handle this type of transaction would be Gigadat.

Because some players, especially newer players, can regret their decisions – or they may even be planning to scam the merchant, the online gambling industry is generally considered a high-risk industry. As such, banks and merchants require an intermediary system which will minimise possible risks.

This is exactly what Gigadat does via their Interac process service for deposits and withdrawals. Because a player isn’t able to reverse their transaction once it has been completed, the success rate of transactions is pretty close to 100%

Gigadat’s service includes both deposits and withdrawals using email as means of authentication and also direct bank transfers.

As such, any transfer made in this way should appear on your bank statement as ‘Gigadat. and not identify the source of the money. This means that there will be no apparent direct link to online gambling, which can often be rejected by banking institutions.

Interac Customer Support

The Interac website has provided its users a dedicated customer service page which offers three ways in which you can contact the team:


On phone: +1 888 238 6433


Email them at:


There is also an online enquiry form you can fill out.

Interac on Mobile Gambling Sites

The Interac casino banking method has no app that you can download. However, you can still use this payment option if you are playing at your preferred online casino on mobile. It works exactly the same way as it would if using it on the desktop or laptop casino site.

The Bottom Line onĀ Interac Canadian OnlineĀ Casinos

This is a hugely popular way to both deposit and withdraw funds into your online casino account – and is currently available at around 250 financial and banking institutions- including the big 5 Canadian banks.

The good news is that transfers show as Interac on your bank statement, with no direct link to gambling. It is also supremely secure – and one of the fastest depositing and withdrawal methods available in Canada.


What is Interac Flash?


This is a contactless debit card payment option that you can use when you make a purchase at checkout. However, this can not be used for online casino transactions.

What is the Difference Between Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online?

An Interac e-Transfer deposit is made when you provide an email address. However, an Interac Online deposit is made via a payment gateway.

Can I Use Interac Online With All Banking institutions?


Generally, Interac e-Transfers are pretty widely accepted at most banking institutions. However, this is not the case for Interac Online – which is accepted by only a few banking institutions and credit unions.

How Quick are Interac Deposits?

Generally, Interac deposits are pretty quick and take no longer than 30 minutes max

What Banks Offer Interac e-Transfers?


The Interac e-Transfer method is available at most banking and financial institutions – with more than 250 being on the list. All major banks and financial institutions offer it, with some even having a whole page dedicated to the payment method.

Can I Use Interac in the US?


No, this option is only available at Canadian banks and financial institutions.